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Winter 2016 collection has landed!

Posted by Remi Bouchenez on


As winter is just around the corner, we are very excited to bring out a new range of rich colours to warm up your baby's room this winter. The new colours - grey, ink blue and coral - are available for the Cocoonababy fitted sheets and the just released Cocoonacover.


Elegant deep grey, a great complement to a light pink or yellow baby's room


Rich blue, for a classic look and a strong accentuating tone in a white room


Bright coral, a vibrant very contemporary colour and a great alternative to pink



And to keep your baby warm in the Cocoonababy nest, we are introducing a new blanket, specifically designed to fit the Cocoonababy. The Cocoonacover wraps around the Cocoonababy ensuring that the positioning of the nest remains unaltered and allows you to easily cover or uncover your baby without wakening him. Importantly, the design of the Cocoonacover ensures that your baby's mouth and nose remain uncovered at all time, an imperative for safe sleeping.


The Cocoonacover is designed for use in the complete Cocoonababy nest only (with the wedge and tummy band in place).

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