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Discover our new Ergo Sleep Positioner

Posted by Cocoonababy Australia on

The new Ergonomic Sleep Positioner from Red Castle has arrived!

22 years after the first Cocoonababy saw the light of day, its youngest sibling, the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner was born. Developed by the Cocoonababy team under the supervision of a paediatric physiotherapist, the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner brings out all the benefits of the Cocoonababy to the world of sleep positioners:

  1. The semi-foetal, slightly rounded position of the baby helps him feel contained, as in his mother's womb, improving the quality and the duration of his sleep by limiting the occurence of the Moro reflex.
  2. The slight incline of the baby in the Positioner and the flexion of his hips help limit the onset of some early adjustment discomforts, such as reflux and colic problems.
  3. The support provided by the high resilience foam and the baby’s gently regrouped position allow freedom of his head and upper body movements, helping limit the risk of plagiocephaly.
  4. The adjustable wedge allows you to fit the Positioner to your baby's size and to follow your baby's development from birth to the age of 3-4 months. 
  5. Its compact, super lightweight (only 220gr!) and easy to carry format makes it the perfect travel companion.

Unlike the Cocoonababy, the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner is not a mattress. It is designed to be placed on a mattress, any mattress, in a cot, a Moses basket or a carrycot, making it the perfect complement to any sleeping arrangement you might have prepared for your baby!


With the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner by Red Castle, a good night sleep is now possible in any situation!

Purchase your Ergonomic Sleep Positioner in our online store today.

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