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Ergonomic Sleep Positioner

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The key to a newborn’s sound sleep

The Ergonomic Sleep Positioner was designed in collaboration with a paediatric physiotherapist. It helps to:

  • Improve the quality and the duration of baby’s sleep thanks to the semi-foetal, slightly rounded position in which your baby feels contained, as in the womb.
  • Limit waking up with a start (Moro reflex).
  • Limit the onset of some early adjustment discomforts such as reflux problems, thanks to the position in which your baby lies with his back slightly raised and the flexion of his hips.

It favours an all-round development thanks to the high resilience foam which provides support and the baby’s gently regrouped position which allows freedom of his head and upper body movements (baby’s hands can come up to his face and his legs are in a gentle slightly flexed position).

The Ergonomic Sleep Positioner has an adjustable wedge, allowing you to fit the Positioner to your baby's size. The wedge can be moved down as your baby grows. The rounded, reassuring head shape permits easy, intuitive positioning of baby. 

Compact and easy to carry, the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner only weighs 220gr and includes a transport bag.


Age of use:

From birth (from 2.8 kg/6 lb 3 oz) up to around 3-4 months maximum.
STOP USING THE PRODUCT as soon as baby shows signs of wanting to turn over or to adopt a different position.

Monitor the baby’s position in the product constantly.

For use:

Unlike the Cocoonababy, the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner is not a mattress. It must be used on a mattress:

  • in a cot with the cot base in the lowest position,
  • in a Moses basket,
  • in a stroller carrycot (not for overnight sleeping in a carrycot),
  • away from home, as a baby travel mattress.

Ensure that the sides of the Cot, Moses basket or Carrycot are at least 31cm high (18 cm higher than the top of the product) before installing the product. Any cot with moveable sides must have such sides in their raised position when using this product.

Warning: To prevent the risk of a fall, never place the product on a high surface.

Installing in the cot: Do not use a cot bumper with the Ergonomic sleep Positioner. Do not use the Babynomade blanket in the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner as babies should always sleep with head and face uncovered. Do not use the Cocoonacover in the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner as it is designed to fit the Cocoonababy only.

For safe sleeping, we recommend avoiding the use of loose blankets. A sleeping bag, swaddle blanket or the Cocobag can be used in the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner instead.


Technical specifications:

Weight: 220 gr.

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 58.7 x 32 x 13 cm

Care: Removable cover, machine washable at 30° (90% combed cotton / 10% polyester). The foam of the positioner is made of polyurethane (PU) and is not washable.


  • Always read the product’s instructions included with the product carefully and in full before use.
  • We recommend avoiding online auction sites as these often sell counterfeits which may present serious safety risks to your baby.
  • Although the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner may be reused for a second child, we recommend avoiding buying a second hand Ergonomic Sleep Positioner unless you are certain that care instructions have been followed.

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