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Miracle Blanket™

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Jersey-cotton swaddling blanket which wraps comfortably around baby without velcro or press studs.

Swaddling has been widely used for centuries to help soothe and calm newborns and to prolong a reassuring, womb-like feeling. During the baby's first months, being contained in a small sleeping space reassures him.

The Miracle Blanket™ makes swaddling easy:

  • Small inner flaps keep baby’s arms close to his sides preventing Moro reflex (uncontrolled movements which wake baby up with a start and make him cry).
  • The reassuring light pressure exerted on baby’s tummy calms him almost instantly.
  • The specific shape swaddles baby well, appeasing and reassuring him. He feels ‘contained’, as in the womb and sleeps better.
  • Baby can move his legs freely inside the foot pouch. In very warm weather, he can be swaddled with his legs outside the pouch. 

For use: From birth to around 12 weeks. 

Colour: White with beige trim, or Happy Fox print with white trim.

Fabric: 100% cotton.

Refer to the table below to determine how to dress your baby in the Miracle Blanket™ swaddling blanket:

Care: Machine washable at 30°C.


    Download the full instructions manual.

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